Data Wiping Services

E-Waste Recyclers India provides secure data wiping services which completely removes all electronic data, providing 100% protection against fraud and loss of sensitive company data.

E-Waste Recyclers India places great emphasis on protecting all data which is held on IT equipment, hard drives and electronic equipment, whether it is destined for reuse, parts recovery or IT recycling.

We provide 100% guaranteed secure data wiping using industry leading software Blancco® Data Cleaner. We work to the highest standards of data destruction globally which ensures that your brand, customer data and sensitive employee information are respected and protected.

Why choose data wiping?

Many organisations recognise the value they could get from data wiping their assets and finding other ways to reuse and gain value from their redundant IT, communications and media equipment.

Options available are:
• IT reuse – refurbishing to use again within your organisation
• IT remarketing – refurbishing to then sell externally
• IT parts and components recovery – salvaging parts for external sale or maintenance programmes.
• Charitable donations – refurbish and donate to your community or charities for use.

EPR agreement with E-Waste Recyclers India

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) means responsibility of any producer of electrical or electronic equipment, for channelization of e-waste to ensure environmentally sound management of such waste. Extended Producer Responsibility may comprise of implementing take back system or setting up of collection centers or both and having agreed arrangements with authorized dismantler or recycler either individually or collectively through a Producer Responsibility Organisation recognised by producer or producers.